thermal cut-off or thermal fuse for samsung electrical dryer

Samsung dryer not heating

I recently ran into a problem with a customer's dryer (model: DV42H5200EW/A3) not heating properly. Upon inspection, I discovered that the dryer vent was clogged on the outside of the house, causing the fuse inside the dryer to fail.

To fix this problem, I started by deep cleaning the outside air vent on the property and the entire exhaust hose at the back of the dryer to remove any lint buildup. Next, I unplugged the dryer and took it apart to work on the equipment.

Using a multimeter, I ran an ohm test on the fuse and checked that there was no continuity. Also, I tested the ohms of the heating element and the high limit thermostat and verified that they were working correctly.

To resolve the issue, I replaced the faulty #DC96-00887C dryer fuse with a new one, reassembled the dryer, and plugged it in. The dryer returned to heating normally and the client was able to use his belongings as usual.

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