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thermal cut-off or thermal fuse for samsung electrical dryer

Samsung dryer not heating

The customer's dryer was not heating due to a clogged outside exhaust vent causing the thermal cut-off to fail. The issue was resolved by cleaning the vent, replacing the faulty thermal cut-off with a new one, and conducting tests on other components. PIEZAS RUSH offers original Samsung Dryer Thermal Fuse for various dryer models.
Online store

Online store

I recently repaired a washing machine by using a high-quality replacement motor purchased from PIEZAS RUSH. The motor was easy to install, durable, and ran smoothly and quietly. The online store offers a wide range of original replacement parts for major appliance brands at competitive prices. The customer was pleased with the quick repair turnaround time. I highly recommend PIEZAS RUSH for all appliance repair needs!
Whirlpool Gas dryer not heating

Whirlpool Gas dryer not heating

The Whirlpool gas dryer LGC6848AQ1 wasn't heating properly, but after inspecting and testing the thermal fuse, high-limit thermostat, and gas valve solenoid, I found and replaced the faulty gas valve solenoid. Quick repair done. PIEZAS RUSH offers original Whirlpool replacement parts, including the flame sensor that I used for my repair.