Secadora de gas Whirlpool no calienta

Whirlpool gas dryer won't heat

As a skilled Appliance Technician, I take pride in providing premium repair services for a variety of appliances, including gas dryers. I recently had a customer with a Whirlpool model LGC6848AQ1 gas dryer that was not heating properly. I quickly got to work, first checking the thermal fuse, high limit thermostat, and gas valve solenoid. After checking these components I found that the gas valve solenoid was the culprit. I replaced the faulty part with a new one and the dryer started heating up again. The customer was delighted with the fast and efficient service I provided, and I am glad to have another satisfied customer.

RUSH PARTS offers genuine Whirlpool replacement parts, including Dryer Flame Sensor #WP338906 . This sensor monitors if the igniter is hot enough to turn on the gas and light the burner. By using a genuine part, you can ensure that your tumble dryer works correctly and efficiently and prevent further damage to other appliance components. Check the online RUSH PARTS store to find the right flame sensor for your Whirlpool dryer model.

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