Refrigerator Compressor Inverter

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Compressor Inverter is a positive displacement pump that compresses the refrigerant in the sealed system of a refrigerator. This compressor requires a software update for the refrigerator.

Common model may include(s)

79551869612, 79551867612, 79551869610, 79551863610, 79551853610, 79551839413, 79551857611, 79551832412, 79551832413, 79551862611  

Alternative Part Number(s)

TCA38091801, TCA35911910, TCA35271204, TCA36691608, TCA35911902, TCA36691604, TCA35271202, TCA35911907, TCA35911908, TCA35893202, TCA36511310, TCA36691603, TCA34871401, TCA35271201, TCA35271203, TCA35533602, TCA35533604, TCA35893203, TCA35911903, TCA36511303, TCA36691602, TCA35317501, TCA35511701, TCA35511801, TCA35533601, TCA35911905, TCA36511311, TCA36691610, TCA38091802, TCA38091803

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