Refrigerator Wire Harness


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Wire Harness connects the defrost heater to the main wire harness. The defrost wire harness includes the defrost bi-metal thermostat and defrost thermistor.

Common model(s) may include

FFHI2131QE0, FFHI2131QE1, FFHI2131QP0, FFHI2131QP1, FFHI2131QS0, FFHI2131QS1, FFHI2131QS2, FFHI2131QS3, FFHT2021QB0, FFHT2021QB1, FFHT2021QB2, FFHT2021QS0, FFHT2021QS1, FFHT2021QS2, FFHT2021QS3, FFHT2021QS4, FFHT2021QW0, FFHT2021QW1, FFHT2021QW2, FFHT2021TB0

Alternative Part Number(s)

242213502, 242290503, 242303203, 4958489

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