Why do you need to change your water filter

What happens when I don't change my water filter?

Although at the moment you may not think it's of extremely great importance, it's essential that you make sure you change your water filter regularly to keep it working properly. Unfortunately, if you don't change your water filter on schedule, a number of issues may arise.

1. Filters become clogged

If you don't change your water filter on time, it will start to become blocked. When this happens, there is no way for the contaminants in your drinking water to be filtered and removed from your home - which means you're going to ingest them all instead. Additionally, a clogged filter may lessen the water pressure you experience in your pipes, making the water move through your filter much more slowly.

2. Harmful and unhealthy organisms can reproduce

Although you may not think this is the case, harmful organisms, or in other words dangerous organisms, can reproduce in the filter if left for too long.

3. You may consume harmful chemicals

If you don't replace your water filter, you could end up consuming a lot of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are usually removed in the first few layers of the water filter!

4. Impacts the taste of the water

Lastly, the water coming out of your tap won't taste as good if you don't change your filter in a timely manner. Many filters help add some beneficial minerals to your water, leaving you with clean, fresh tasting water.

How often should I change my filter?

Now that you know what can happen if you don't change your water filter, it's time to find out how often to change it. While there are different opinions on this - every six months while others say once a year is fine - the best way to know when to change your filter is to check its performance.

Most filters you purchase have a set life span, which can range from 6 months to 3 years. However, you may need to replace your filter sooner, depending on your filter usage. If you notice low faucet pressure or water that tastes different, it may be time to replace your filter.

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