thermal cut-off or thermal fuse for samsung electrical dryer

I recently encountered a problem with a customer's dryer (model: DV42H5200EW/A3) that was not heating properly. Upon inspection, I discovered that the dryer vent was clogged on the outside of the house, which caused the thermal cut-off located on the heating element housing to fail.

To address this issue, I began by thoroughly cleaning the customer's outside exhaust vent and the entire vent hose exhaust in the back of the dryer to remove all accumulated lint. I then unplugged the dryer and disassembled it to gain better access to the heating element housing.

Using a multimeter, I conducted an ohm test on the thermal cut-off and found that there was no continuity. Additionally, I ohm tested the heating element and high-limit thermostat and found them to be in good working order.

To resolve the issue, I replaced the faulty Dryer Thermal Fuse #DC96-00887C with a new one, reassembled the dryer, and plugged it back in. The dryer started heating normally again, and the customer was able to resume using their appliance as usual.

PIEZAS RUSH offers original Samsung thermal cut-off for various dryer models, including the Dryer Thermal Fuse that I used for the service repair. By using an original part, you can ensure that your dryer functions correctly and efficiently, and prevent further damage to other components of the appliance. Check out PIEZAS RUSH online store to find the right Dryer Thermal Fuse for your Samsung dryer model.

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