Protect your refrigerator from power outages

Your appliances are designed to operate in a specific voltage range without damage. However, due to power failures, the voltage can go too high or too low.

In refrigerators, short-term power outages force the compressor to start without the system pressures being balanced. This severely damages the compressor and causes permanent damage.

Electrical surges happen all the time, and they have a wide range of causes. Lightning strikes, storms and tripped circuit breakers and others, can damage all types of electronic equipment, such as TVs, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, or video game consoles.

It is possible to protect electrical appliances from blackouts. Surge protectors are designed to handle these irregularities and keep an even power flow to your appliances. If you don’t have a protector, it is not advisable to connect the equipment quickly when the light returns, it is recommended to wait at least 30 min. after the service is restored since in that period of time there are usually power dips that could damage the equipment due to the instability of the electrical system.

Surge protectors are electronic devices that protect against voltage rises or drops during normal operation or due to instability in the main voltage, when the power supply is restored after a blackout, protecting your equipment against voltage spikes found in the electrical network. Surge protectors have been designed to prevent disturbances in the electrical network from affecting the proper functioning of the equipment.

These protectors permanently monitor the main voltage and cut the supply to the load when they detect any voltage rise or fall beyond the allowed range and give way again, when the voltage has been stable during the timing cycle.

At PIEZAS RUSH we have voltage protectors with a time delay, protect your refrigerator from blackouts.


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